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Brothers Vidal (left) and Vangelis Vargas from Raíz (Droid Behavior) at La Cave

Special thanks to everyone who made it out to La Cave last night! Guests Raíz (Droid Behavior) and Sleepyhead absolutely killed it. It was a pleasure to have two performers reppin’ both the West and East Coast flavor. We are very grateful to continue doing what we love – bringing big talent to Costa Mesa. Photos from last night will be available soon on our website as well as on our Facebook! Exclusive interviews from last night will be showcased soon, alongside other goodies… Be sure to come back next Wednesday for Light Year and Tamara Sky – you won’t wanna miss this show!

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Tomorrow we welcome two great artists, hailing from Los Angeles and Brooklyn, to our very own underground La Cave. Los Angeles natives, as well as brothers, Vangelis and Vidal Vargas formed Raíz in the early 2000’s after being exposed to Latin electronic and progressive by their father. Raíz has carried a number of aliases of the years, such as Acid Circus on their Droid Behavior record label. Raíz is Latin for root, which coincides with their inspiration, beliefs, and culture – perhaps why the name stuck around. The duo have soared in popularity; featured alongside many great talents ranging from Richie Hawtin to Paco Osuna

Originating from Brooklyn, Sleepyhead projects a real deep house rhythm and sound. Samuel Pohner, the man behind the name, began synchronizing beats in early 1999. By 2007, Pohner linked up with dubstep/drum and bass legend Mimosa to produce a project known as Sexytime. Sleepyhead has grown creatively as an artist producing multi-tempo beats from Ghettotech to Tropical.

Here is a taste of what you should expect tomorrow:

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