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Flight Facilities are back again; landing in our very own humble abode, that is, Costa Mesa, California. Thursday, March 7, The Observatory and MDA will play host to the Australian duo for a night to remember. FF mixes 70’s disco throwbacks with sweet serenades to create a sound that’s oh so divine. Last year we had a phenomenal turn out at Detroit Bar and this year we expect nothing less. Grab your killer outfit and lace up those dancing shoes; we all know folks from down-under sure know how to party!


Tickets: HERE

Doors: 8pm


This week we caught up with Laguna Beach natives, Harmonik Elektronik. Husband and wife duo, Chris and Danee Long mesh bouncy beats with ethereal vocals to produce a sound of their own. Check them out in our interview below!

What cultivated your passion for music?

“Just being a part of the Underground scene for so long. From owning Highersource Records to DJing to producing – our passion for music has always been there. It has been a natural progression and we find inspiration everywhere.”

Where and how did the concept of Harmonik begin to develop?

“Harmonik is just our style in every way – harmony. When I DJ I really consider the harmonics and key of every track I play. I try to take you on a smooth ride on the dance floor.”

Tell us about your latest project and what you hope to evoke to your audiences? What can we expect in 2013?

“We are actually working on a new EP right now. One song is a sultry, deep house track with sexy vocals laid down by Danee. I know it will make people dance and groove. 2013 is shaping up to be a good year for us, DJing out a lot with cool collaborations coming. I have a radio show at Danee is designing a new clothing line for H/E brand, so yeah 2013 we will be busy!”

What sound or direction are you focusing on?

“I like to think we have our own sound. Especially, due to Danees unique voice and style. It’s a mix of funked out, sultry vocals over thick deep house beats with fat baselines.”

Artist worldwide have given their two cents on where dance music is currently and how they feel about the media’s hype and/or hate on the scene. What is your take on comments such as Kaskade’s on the last LA Times? DJ Shadow’s rant about getting kicked off the stage in Miami?

“I think dance music is only going to get bigger and better and spread more. There are new genres of electronic music bubbling up. There will always be haters – that’s for sure. I completely agree with what Kaskade said, it’s not the responsibility of promoters to regulate the drug abuse that sometimes occur at these events. People who are uninformed on the scene like to think that if you enjoy this music you must be on drugs, that’s simply not the case. For the real heads it’s about that beat and that thumping baseline. It’s a community of good people for the most part; there are bad apples in every scene. As far as Shadow’s comments, I think it is a matter of big time VIP’s thinking that DJ’s are jukeboxes. We are not! It happened to Tommy Sunshine in New York and Mark Farina in Vegas as well… it actually disgusts me because it’s their art they are messing with. I appreciate the fact that Shadow’s integrity comes first! People need to be more informed on whom they go see and make better choices for themselves. The bottle service crowd should not be running the turntables, leave that to the professionals!”


There is a Rumor going around that a fresh Thursday night is in the works for Orange County. From the team that brought you Scotts Thursdays in Costa Mesa; September 20, 2012 marks the grand opening of this event. Each week unannounced talent will be showcased, only leading you to (maybe) believe the rumors… DJs, live artists, and performers will be gracing the stage – taking guests through an intimate journey of chic, high-energy fun.

Shhh…opening night Rumors:

+ Insomniac’s Nocturnal Wonderland Performing Artist (Mad Decent / Crookers / Jeffries)

+ Trap Project Release / Live Performance including guest celebrity MC’s (MDA / Beverly Hills 90210)

+ Hosted by one of the fastest growing fashion brands in our local Society

Venue Location: 4647 MacArthur Blvd, Newport Beach, CA

Guest List Consideration:

Wow! Can’t believe it has been four years since we stepped into the underground dungeon known as La Cave. Our worlds have turned upside down and we have never looked back. Wednesday nights have transformed from hot, sticky, sweaty, debauchery to a collective of taste, artistry, and talent. Over the years we have grown along with our venue; along with our followers; along with the talent we showcase. We are so excited to share our journey with you with the launch of our new chapter. With this we bring you: Modern Disco Ambassadors, “a collective of individuals that support all things pleasurable to the ear.”